August 03, 2004


* "Gaping void" 's tip on " How to be creative".

* Jeff Jarvis
thinks that the terror threat is very real, as is the fear, as is the impact on lives of the Americans.

* Alex at Worldchanging discusses John Kerry's energy plan "An energy independent America" and thinks it is an welcome contrast from the Bush Administrations focus on drilling more oil. In early August, Kerry will unveil an energy plan that he says can break America's addiction to foreign oil, revitalize the U.S. auto industry, help farmers and coal miners, fight global warming, and create jobs -- all for just $2 billion per year.

* Sukanya adjusts to the slower place of life in India but misses the busy life in France and thinks being occupied was better than living mindfully.

* Corante reports "JibJab Files Lawsuit for Right to Distribute Parody". Remember the "This Land is your land" piece?

* Nitin reports that a rebellion is brewing in Belochistan. The Pakistani army launched its brutal operation to suppress them as always. Is Pakistan facing another break-up?

* Visit "Sajjad's Weekly Blog" for the pictures of Bangladesh flood and many others.


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