May 26, 2005


Manish of Sepia Mutiny writes quoting Bangladeshi-American rocker Arafat Kazi that Dhaka rock scene is incestuous than India and Pakistan. The bands have a common cluster and are inspired by up-to-date music around the world. Elephant Road is a street which has three stores (namely Rainbow, Gitali, Ganer Bhuban) which has all kinds of LPs and later on CDs which they copy onto cassette for you for a fee (screw copyright).

Read this post in the "Tales from the subcontinent" for more.

Also read Maqsood's (blogger-cum-rocker) article on the history of Bangladesh rock.

I remember that in my teens "Rainbow" was also my favorite shop for recording songs of my choice into cassettes. The owner Kabir was famous for knowledge in world music and his collection.

Links to Bangladeshi music portals: (1),(2) and (3) -thanks Arafat.


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