May 14, 2005


* "Cookie Monster" turned into "Biskit Pagla": "Sesame Street", the long-running US public television children's series has successfully localized the educational series into "Sisimpur" for Bangladesh. Read details.

* Jail blogging in : This blog promises to publish personal accounts of bribery, injustice and torture in the Dhaka Central Jail.

* When will we be truly secular: an Indian perspective.

* UN declares United States "Failed State!": from unconfirmed sources.

* Health hazard looms in Bangladesh streets: The Daily Star reports that the drinks sold in the Dhaka streets to chill the people from summer heat (as high as 40 degree celsius) are prepared in unhygienic conditions.

* Festival of Humanity: The annual event in US will raise money for the construction of a Bangladeshi orphanage this year.


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