May 08, 2005


* A tribute to mother on the mother's day.

* I am amazed that a 13 year old girl can write this well!

* More abuse of foreign workers in the middle east.

* Gwynnth's Streets of Bangladesh Photo Album is available now. The tagline "The sights, the sounds, the smells of Bangladesh... The way Gwen sees it..." promises much and the close to 200 pictures will not disappoint you.

* A firsthand account of an Arab woman about the changing treatment of women and elderly in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, where the holy Kaaba is. Some think Wahabbis are responsible.

* A fundraiser for the garments tragedy victims. There are lots of politics going on regarding what should be the compensation amount for the poor workers families. These employees were not insured. And I don’t know what will happened to the injured workers. I think its time that the government makes a law, which will ensure that the workers will be under insurance cover to prepare for the worst.

* 12 ways to become a younger you.


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