May 05, 2005


* "Keetha Oilow" and "Keetha Failam" may sound funny but they are two bright stars of the Sylheti film industry. For non-Bangladeshi readers, the Sylhetis are originated from Sylhet, a district of Bangladesh and they represent the most Bangladeshi migrants to UK starting from early twentieth century.

* The job crisis in curry houses of Britain due to new government immigration rules will disrupt serving of around 2.5 million curries a week to the Brits. The industry currently employs 70,000 people mostly from South Asia.

* Asians disappear on prime-time in the US.

* World Press Photo of the year - 2004 via Extra Extra.

* Some pictures of Bangladesh -beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

* Global Voices Online provides an almost daily world blog roundup. Don't miss that.

* Beware of fake Viagra pills. via Flying Chair

* Afghanistan's Burka band rocks!


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