May 11, 2005


* Bangladesh Cricket team starts well in their first warm up match in England. Khaled Masud is eyeing for a county contract.

* Read how tough it is to be a maid in Mumbai. Not much difference from the maids in Dhaka only in the fact that the maids are usually brought from remote villages and the intelligent one's switch to a more lucrative job in a garments factory within a short period of time.

* Create your very own cyberfireworks show!

* Many in the GCC countries are flocking to Dubai for none other than a Destiny's Child concert.

* A commercial stunt to cash on Muslim sentiments. The company, which is alleged to instigate propaganda against the US soft drink giants also pledged to donate a portion of its profits for the welfare of oppressed Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. I wonder whether they are actually doing it or not. I would go for tastes, not the politics when it is a question of quenching thirst. Because you never know who cheats you more.

* Jamaat-e-Islami of may publicly apologize for their roles in 1971 war of independence. Sources say that it may come before the next parliamentary election. This leaves people guessing that they are not doing it from heart but for more tactical reasons.


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