May 23, 2005


I usually do not give much importance to my health. But this time I really was sick. The food poisoning thing got me bed-ridden for a couple of days. Because of diarrhea & vomiting, I dehydrated too much in a night and was suffering from electrolyte imbalance. Lucky for me that I started the ORSaline intakes much earlier and could continue to have fluids in during the treatment. Otherwise the physician said there was no alternative to transfer me to a hospital. I am glad ICDDR'B invented this handy treatment for such fluid losses.

Lucky for me there were these two consecutive holidays (one day courtesy of Awami League's hartal) followed by the weekend. I could really rest and recuperate.

The land phone was out of order. So I was completely out of the reach of the internet. It felt great to spend some days on the other side of the digital divide. Thanks to everybody who expressed concern over my health. My daughter recuperated much earlier but her mother has caught viral fever. The demon did not stop hunting us.

Back to the hectic life. Pending works...list of unread mails...catching up with the world. Regular blogging will resume shortly.


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