May 16, 2005


* After numerous protests and deaths around the world Newsweek says that their report of Koran desecration at Guantanamo Bay was wrong. Roger L. Simon says that Newsweek quoted the news from anonymous source. Some say that the Newsweek incident should not pass unpunished. Chapati Mystery posts his views regarding this in the context of the Indian sub-continent.

* According to this poll, 76% given verdict that the Awami Leagues boycott of the Bangladesh Parliament is not a right policy. Does AL read the statistics?

* Nabil al-Wazer, a prominent Journalist in Yemen was kidnapped Tuesday for a ransom of approximately $50,000 U.S. dollars. Jane reports that he has been released.

* For MP3 music hunters The Tofu Hut has an extensive list of MP3 sites.

* Ennis says it is illegal to be a homosexual in India.

* Technocrati now indexes more than 10 million blogs. It has grown five folds since December 2003 says Tigerhawk.


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