May 28, 2005


Schapelle Corby, an Australian girl set out with her family on a 10 day holiday in Bali to enjoy the beach and the surf. She accidentally stumbled into a criminal network when the drugs were slipped into her bag once it cleared security checks, to be collected by a worker later. The Indonesian customs officials found 4.1 kg of Marijuana worth $80,000 inside her boogie board and she was put behind bars. After a controversial trial, Corby was sentenced to twenty years sentence and a fine according to local law as there were not enough evidences to prove her innocence. This blog claims that the prosecutors will appeal against the above verdict and plea for a death sentence, the maximum penalty for the crime.

This website "Innocent without a doubt" shouts support for the presumably innocent girl and asks Australian government to intervene.

I remember there was one case in Bangladesh where two US nationals were caught and convicted for drug trafficking. They were later repatriated to US in one exchange program.

But this can happen to everyone, who remains unconscious over the matter. International travelers beware of the laws of the destination.


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