March 09, 2007

After Tarique Zia's arrest, what is left of BNP?

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is tattered with many of its front leaders behind bar on charges of corruption, extortion and misuse of power.

Mahfuz Anam writes an editorial in the Daily Star shading light into the fall of BNP; absence of democracy within the party, making it a family affair. Tarique Zia's arrogance left senior leaders of BNP in dissent. But the important leaders continued to pamper him for unknown reasons and let the rot continue. Now the table has turned and Tarique faces 14 years imprisonment on charges of extortion if convicted.

The general people are happy with the arrest. Tarique's arrest proves that none is above law.

But can BNP pull out from this mess? Can they regain public confidence? The damage is far serious then anyone in Bangladesh can imagine.

Update: 1 ) Drishtipat has a round up.
2) The rise and fall of Tarique Rahman


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