March 15, 2007

Death of a blogger infected with HIV: Reality bites

Sokrai informs that Busi, a South African blogger infected with aids has died. She only found out about the infection in April, 2006 after she was raped in October 2005. Sokari explains:
For her the journey is twofold. Coming to terms with being raped and having to see her rapist walk the streets in freedom; and beginning her journey of an HIV positive life.
Busi's journey ended. But should the world not come into terms of the devastations of HIV/AIDS. Should you want not to be the next victim of rape by an HIV infected rapist?

Busi wrote some poems. Here is one snippet:
I fought and showed many that there’s nothing wrong with being diabetic, epileptic and HIV
I represented many of the HIV infected lesbian sisters
I told the truth never mind the judgments
I showed my rapist how strong i was regardless that he poisoned my blood with his HIV
I was loved by some and was hated by some,STILL i did my thing
Some would say…
I am full shit! but spiritually i was full
I was fed with GOD’s glory that’s why I praised HIM
I praised HIM more than i praised friends
I am my mother’s daughter
I made history and marked historical books of this world
FOR..without no doubt i’ll and i am in peace with my maker and creator.
Amen. Rest in peace Busi.


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