March 18, 2007

The Bangladesh victory against India in the eyes of the media

* Tigers 1, Lambs 0 - Cricinfo

Bangladesh have slowly, steadily, doggedly worked at their cricket to the best of their ability for years now, and the fruit of that is this win. But, they have won matches like this so many times now, prompting people to say they have finally arrived. The point is that they have been around for a while now, it's just that not too many have taken note.

* Tigers turn India upside down - The Daily Star - Bangladesh

"Bangladesh heroes dedicate famous victory to Manzarul Rana; batsmen complete job after bowlers' demolition of fancied India"

* Bangladesh teenagers send India crashing - ABC Sports Australia

"Our backs are up against the wall - India skipper Rahul Dravid"

* Bangladesh celebrate victory over India - Reuters UK

"This is just the beginning, in our third World Cup. We will rock the Caribbean"

* India slammed after shock Bangladesh defeat - Reuters UK

"The Indian cricketers are rich, powerful, glamorous men who do not play well as they are busy endorsing biscuits, cars, shoes and many other things."

* 'Our batsmen were overcautious' - Rediff News

"It was not only the batting, but the bowling also looked ineffective. India were totally outclassed in both batting and bowling by Bangladesh."

* At the heart of the game - The untiring men who've made the difference for Bangladesh - Cricinfo

If a coach's efficacy is to be judged by how much he has lifted the performance of his team, you'd struggle to beat Whatmore. Brick by brick, he has built this Bangladesh team.


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