March 07, 2007

Sources pointed out

What sources? I am shocked by the heights of journalism in an Indian newspaper. The Assam Tribune says this:
Sources pointed out that over the years, the Bangladeshi intellectuals have been advocating the need for including the North East region of India in Bangladesh, which might be the long term goal and for that the Government of the neighbouring country would have to keep the region unstable and to encourage infiltration of Bangladeshi nationals to the region. Shortage of land is turning out to be a major problem for Bangladesh and the country is looking towards this part of India for expansion.....the Bangladesh Government is encouraging infiltration of its nationals to India to ease the pressure of population.
This is the largest piece of crap I have read in recent times. Can Assam Tribune quote any Bangladeshi intellectual or reference any of its claims? Bangladesh is very much engrossed with its own trouble, why it should poke its bigger and stronger neighbor?

It seems journalist R Dutta Chowdhury is brewing storm out of nowhere or he was not in his senses when he wrote this.


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