March 14, 2007

Global Voices Online: unique expreiment in new journalism

Global Voices Online has been featured in the state of the news media 2007 (a report on American journalism) as one of the four high achievers in digital journalism . Rebecca MacKinnon, the co-founder of Global Voice Online has details. Some excerpts:

"Global Voices takes a unique four-step approach to identifying what is interesting. First, rather than searching stories from mainstream news outlets, editors cull through a vast number of blogs from around the world. The editors, who themselves are located across the globe, then decide which postings are worth passing on. Next, they add their own comments or background information to put the blog entries in context. Finally, when necessary, entries are translated into English, often by a different “language” editor.

The strongest impression one has when visiting this its international feel. Global Voices is not a site to visit to get the latest headlines or find out what the media are talking about. But it shines a bright light on issues the big media often pass by."

The world is talking, are you listening?


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