March 15, 2007

Today's Cricket World Cup Video and Audio streaming links

* BBC Five Live Sports Extra: starts at GMT 14:15

Uninterrupted commentary on Ireland v Zimbabwe at the World Cup, live from Sabina Park, Jamaica

Unfortunately they are not streaming today because of copyright restrictions.

Checking out this link instead.

* Sri Lanka-Bermuda match live video. But this site buffers too much.

Update: Ireland and Zimbabwe have served up a quite magnificent game of cricket. (I was listening to the BBC commentary) They have produced a tie, the third ever tie in world cup history! I think Ireland should have won this game with Zimbabwe's target of 9 runs from 6 balls and one wicket. But their inexperience (dropped a catch, missed a run out) led to the tie. Nevertheless wonderful performance from Ireland. And for Zimbabwe, we expected better from them.


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