March 21, 2007

Use of Nuclear technology in Bangladesh

Earlier this blog was surprised by the news that the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed El Baradei had claimed Bangladesh (among 30 other countries) could have the technology to develop nuclear bomb "in a very short time".

Just for the record Bangladesh has only one 20 year old research reactor and a neutron generator for research purposes and a 42 year old Graff accelerator. (source) It does not even have any small scale nuclear power plant.

Now News Blaze has this amazing story. According to IAEA's website Bangladeshi Black Bengal Goats, who are often misunderstood and neglected, finally get IAEA´s attention. The FAO/IAEA-supported research, launched in 2004 to run over two phases, is analyzing more that 100 sheep and goat breeds by applying nuclear and molecular tools for DNA analysis. The aim of the research program is to contribute to scientific knowledge about animal health and reproduction underpinning Bangladesh's efforts to help goat herders and farmers adapt to the changing environment.

Now we are talking some sense. I am still wondering what made Baradei to include Bangladesh as a potential nuclear enriching country? Probably he misread 'Black Bengal Goat' as a bomb.


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