March 13, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 TV, Radio and Internet Broadcasts: Live and highlights

The 16-team World Cup in the Caribbean will last 48 days with 51 matches broadcast live to an estimated world-wide audience of 1,5 billion.

Here are some relevant links for available feeds in all the regions of the world:

* BBC Sports -Cricket for complete coverage from the BBC with audio and video feeds, feature stories, picture galleries, or have your say in the online forum. Please click on the Live link and on the next page click on "Live Test Match Special audio" to hear the commentary.

* World Cup live TV Broadcasts

* World Cup live radio broadcasts

* Cricket World Cup 2007 free Live video Stream link.

* Sky Sports highlights.

* Patrix has details on Live Webcast of the Cricket World Cup 2007.

* World Cup exclusives and ball-by-ball commentary in Internet portals:

- ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 official site
- 123
- Wikipedia world cup 2007 site for history, statistics and trivia

* World Cup ball-by-ball commentary on your mobile phone.

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