March 09, 2007

One Begum down.. one to go

The Economist has an interesting round up of Bangladesh's latest political drama. Some excerpts:

Mr Rahman, a senior BNP official, and long Mrs Zia's presumed successor, had in recent years become the symbol in the public mind of kleptocratic rule and the politics of violent retaliation. Most Bangladeshis preferred not to mention him by name, out of fear. Instead they dubbed him “Mr Ten Per Cent”—a reference to his alleged cut on almost any deal done by his mother's government. But the culture of fear is waning. The BNP, the party his mother inherited from his father, is desperately fighting for its survival.

Update 1: The Daily Janakantha reveals there is one video evidence of Tarique's scam. This was shown also to Begum Khaleda Zia clarifying why Tarique was being arrested. And there are more concrete proofs available in the case against him. It seems Tarique is in deep trouble.

Update 2: The Daily Star reports that Tarique confessed that he has bank accounts ion five countries - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and Switzerland.

Update 3: (Via Shadakalo)Drama continues:- Tarique sent to Dhaka Central Jail; will have to sleep on cold hard concrete in Dhaka Central Jail just like other general inmates as he was denied division facilities; Tarique actually sobbed in court, and borrowed some facial tissue from one of his lawyers to wipe his nose. Oh dear!


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