March 19, 2007

Its just another game: spare the minnow bashing

Bermudan bowlers were crushed today under the wrath of India, who posted 413/5 in 50 overs, the highest ever World Cup total. Its really not fare that Bermuda is suffering for the Bangladeshi success and Indian fans acknowledge that. The Googly has predicted earlier about a convincing wide margin win for India. Bermuda is 64/5 in 20 overs and turning the prediction true. However a good net run rate is something India will be thriving for to outmatch Bangladesh for the qualification for the super eight if the points are tied up.

The Ireland and Bangladesh win in world cup against established opponents questioned the validity of calling them minnows. However teams like Netherlands and Bermuda are losing the matches with an wide margin and the minnow bashing has returned again.

Here is what Bangladesh coach Dav Whatmore has to say:

Q. Do you get hurt when Bangladesh are still put in the bracket of minnows?

A. Not really because it might help us to win us some games as, well, people take us lightly.

Q. Few thoughts on Ireland's magical journey so far?

A. Fantastic. Ireland, Scotland, some of these teams they are not too bad. They need the opportunity to play in these competitions. You gonna get the odd mis-match like Netherlands when they played South Africa, Bermuda when Sri Lanka hammered them the other day. But it is worth it because there are one or two teams who can potentially come up and increase the amount of teams in world cricket.

(From an interview in Cricinfo)

The day after tomorrow Bangladesh will play Sri Lanka. I am not worried about run rates and the calculations. Bangladesh just need to play their natural best. No need to build on pressure and crumble on it. Its just another game for Bangladesh. No matter if they loose but I will be expecting some competition. Whatmore feels this way about the win against India and what Bangladesh did right:

It is just one match, we've got to keep going. We've done a lot of things wrong, lot and lot and lot of things wrong. We are now beginning to do a few things right, so let's give us more time.


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